Subscription Box Guidelines

Subscription Box Guidelines

Subscription Box Guidelines

Setting up your Subscription box at Phase V is quick and easy. We can pre-assemble kits or create custom subscription kits on the fly.

Pre-Assembled Kits:

If we are pre-assembling kits, each component of the kit will be sent to us in advance of the subscription box release. We will normally work from an advance schedule of subscription box release dates and organize our labor to pre-kit or assemble the subscription box and store into inventory. Our kitting procedures carry a variety of controls which ensure high quality and accuracy of the kit assembly. We can use your custom boxes to create exactly the experience you want.

Depending on the size of the subscription box release we will want to ensure we coordinate our labor in advance. You’ll work with your dedicated account manager at Phase V to ensure smooth management of your program.

On the Fly Kit Creation:

We carry a feature called “Bundling” which allows you to dynamically make subscription boxes on the fly. Our system carries a Bundle Product Code which you can assign all the component inventory product to. Our easy-to-use interface makes subscription box management easy and hassle free.

Our Phase V system will keep track of all the component inventory, and we can tell you exactly how many kits we have in stock based on the lowest amount of inventory in any component.  Should you run out of any component, you can reassign the Bundle with new inventory codes to ensure you’re taking care of or what matters first, your customers.

What Our Prices Cover

We have a simple and easy to understand pricing schedule that makes reconciliation a snap. We include many of the services in a kitting price sheet for the pre-kitting builds which includes assembly, kit set-up labor, bubble wrap or folding in one price. 

At Phase V we make subscription boxes easy so you can focus on building your brand loyalty with your customers.