Storage Information & Fees

Storage Information & Fees

At Phase V Fulfillment, we offer complete storage and warehousing solutions tailored to meet your fulfillment needs efficiently. Below, you can find more information about how our storage works.

How are Phase V Fulfillment’s storage fees calculated?

Storage fees are determined by the number of storage locations in which your products are stored. Your total storage fees will depend on the number of bins and pallets that are being used to store your items.

We prorate storage fees daily

Prorating allows us to calculate your storage fees based on the actual amount of days they were warehoused rather than the full month’s fee.

What size bins does Phase V Fulfillment offer?

Our bin sizes vary from small to large. Here are our bin size dimensions.
phase v bin sizes

What are the specifications of Phase V Fulfillment’s pallet storage locations?

Our standard pallet size is 40 x 48” designed to store bulk quantities of inventory. With products stored on it, they cannot exceed 56” in height. If you send us pallets of product that are larger than these dimensions our receiving team can break down these pallets to conform with our storage specs.

phase v pallet size

Unique storage location per SKU

At Phase V, each stock keeping unit (SKU) is designated a unique storage location. We do this because:

  • It optimizes our inventory management and minimizes the risk of misplacing products or picking the incorrect products while fulfilling orders.
  • It ensures the warehouse team can efficiently pick your products once an order is placed.
  • It enables us to easily replenish stock.
  • It allows us to accommodate your specific storage needs whether you require bins or pallets.