Receiving Guidelines

Receiving Guidelines

Last Revised July 31st 2023

Please adhere to the requirements outlined in this document to avoid additional receiving fees and delays.

General Specifications:

  • All orders must have an Advance Shipment Notification or ASN (Phase V OMS users) or receiving form (Veracore users) submitted prior to product arriving at our warehouse.
  • Clearly label each carton and pallet.  Include:
    • The name of your company
    • ASN number or label
    • SKU and quantity on each pallet and carton
  • Do not mix SKUs within a carton or box
  • Inner cartons may be used but be sure to clearly label each inner carton with SKU and quantity. Do not mix SKUs within an inner carton
  • We will enter SKU quantities based on good faith receiving. This means we use the quantities you specified in your ASN/receiving documentation and carton labels.
  • You can request product inspection and unit counts.  This is considered a special request and incurs hourly fees.

Freight Specifications:

  1. Make a delivery appointment: Please email your account manager to schedule a dock and staff to be available.  The truck containing the shipment may be turned away or delayed if not previously scheduled.  Creating an ASN or submitting a receiving form is separate from scheduling your inbound freight delivery appointment.
  2. All pallets must be 40” x 48” reusable pallets with a maximum height of 56” including the pallet.
  3. All cartons must be labeled with SKU/part number, quantity and label should be facing out.
  4. Pallets should consist of a single SKU. If pallets consist of mixed products, a packing list with product breakdown must be attached and clearly visible for each mixed pallet. Admin time will be applied for the sorting of the product if needed.
  5. Maximum pallet weight is 1,500 lbs.
  6. All palletized loads must be stabilized by shrink wrap or plastic/metal strapping with corner caps.

Case Specifications:

  1. Each case should contain a single SKU.
  2. Each case should be clearly labeled with SKU/part number, quantity and label should be facing out.
  3. The shipping label should be made out to reference Your Company Name/Phase V.
  4. If the cases contain mixed SKUs there should be a clear separation of products for each SKU. Each SKU will need to be clearly labeled for easy identification.

Submitting ASN/Receiving Request Form:

Please notify Phase V Fulfillment prior to shipping Goods to our warehouse using the ASN section of the Phase V OMS system.

VeraCore users, please email us your receiving form.  Your account manager can provide you the latest template to fill out. The receiving request form must contain the following information:

    1. SKUs to be received
    2. Descriptions of SKUs included
    3. If applicable – Lot number and expiration
    4. Units per carton
    5. Total number of cartons/pallets
    6. Total quantity to be received