Kitting & Special Projects

Kitting & Special Projects

Kitting & Special Projects

Kitting refers to the process of gathering, packaging, and distributing individual components or parts into a single, cohesive kit to fulfill customer orders. Phase V can create kits so they are ready to go once an order is placed. The kitting process helps ensure customers receive the correct items in a timely manner.

Kitting includes:

  • Selecting the required components
  • Assembling a custom box
  • Putting in or removing an insert
  • Adding standard or custom dunnage
  • Organizing and packing everything into a single kit
  • Labeling and packaging the kit
  • Affixing a label, sticker or barcode
  • Shipping it to the customer

Kitting service is required for:

  • Taking items that arrived separately and assembling or packaging them together
  • Putting inserts or dividers into custom boxes
  • Applying barcode labels or stickers to individual units
  • Inspecting items
  • Light assembly of items

Phase V is here to help

Without the assistance of a 3PL, fulfilling orders through kitting and assembly can be labor-intensive and costly due to logistics and resource needs. To streamline the process and reduce errors, Phase V offers kitting and assembly services as part of our order fulfillment solutions. We work with you to ensure your items are kitted exactly as you request. Contact us today to learn more!